Most Wonderful Day of the Year

Art, Holiday

I’ve decided to post this week’s usual Friday entry a day early because, as we know, tomorrow is Christmas Day.

That being said, I’m going to keep this post short and to the point. To celebrate this wonderful holiday I have created a variety of different Christmas-themed sketches and drawings. As a last attempt to spread Christmas cheer I have decided to share them with you now.

The first is my re-creation of a scene we are all familiar with, rendered in colored pencil.

snoopy drawing

The second is a simple poinsettia sketch drawn in colored pencil.


I had Santa’s sleigh in mind when I sketched this elk…


And finally, I create this more-complete drawing with colored pencil. A bright red bow for a bright holiday.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and that your holiday is filled with traditions, family and simple joys.

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