A Brief Jaunt To Los Angeles: Highlights


Last week I took a last-minute, whirlwind business trip to Los Angeles. Although there wasn’t much time for activities outside of work, there were (thankfully) brief amounts of time to take in a few sites and enjoy some of the local eats.

These were some of the highlights from my trip:

Hollywood Walk of Fame:

If you’re staying as close to Hollywood as I was, seeing this iconic site is kind of a must. Although it was raining (and evening) by the time my colleagues and I were finally able to take the walk, it was still well worth the time. Some of my favorite stars included Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball and Walt Disney of course!


Thai Food:

Living where I do, I’ve never actually had the opportunity to try Thai food. An avid watcher of The Big Bang Theory, I was under the impression that this cultural cuisine was pretty mainstream in California – and I wasn’t disappointed!  I’m happy to report that my rice bowl with chicken and peanut sauce was DELICIOUS! (And so was the Thai beer).


L.A. Live:

We decided to spend our last evening in La La Land at cultural hotspot L.A. Live, eating some more good food and, admittedly, looking for celebrities. If you’re looking for some class and Mediterranean eats for an affordable price, definitely check out Cleo.

It was also really cool seeing the Staples Center a few days proceeding the GRAMMYs.

staples center.jpg

Despite being fast-paced with a business focus, it was still a fun trip and a destination that I would definitely recommend. With its beautiful weather, immense variety of food and long-standing reputation as the ultimate hub of the entertainment industry, there is something magical about L.A.

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