Top 10 Benefits of Gardening


Up until last summer, I never would have considered gardening. It seemed like a lot of work and honestly unappealing, as I had no past experience. Luckily, being with Andy opened my mind to the possibilities of gardening and he and I spent a lot of time last summer gardening flowers, berries and vegetables.

We have continued gardening this summer and had a great time this Memorial Day weekend shopping for different varieties of plants and transplanting them all around our property.

Not sure if you want to try gardening?

Here are the top 10 benefits:

  1. It gets you outside!  You need your vitamin D after all.
  2. Curb appeal. Very important, especially if you plan on selling your home.IMG_1339
  3. You get to decorate with gnomes! Although perhaps others wouldn’t find this as exciting as I do…IMG_1329
  4. A cheap supply of vegetables. Meaning, you will be more likely to eat your vegetables.IMG_1324
  5. A cheap supply of fruits. Yum.IMG_1316
  6. An easy way to spruce up your porches. Because actual renovation is ridiculously expensive.IMG_1331
  7. Exercise. Because you can never have too much of that!IMG_1322
  8. Inspiration! I’m a huge believer in living inspired and having a colorful environment can  increase your mood and inspiration level exponentially.IMG_1317
  9. It’s rewarding. What’s more satisfying than watching living things grow and knowing you are the one responsible for said growth?
  10.  You get to spend time with your family. Whether this family is biological or of the dog variety, gardening and spending time outside is something that everyone can partake in and enjoy.

So whether you are a professional or amateur I hope you try and enjoy gardening this summer. Whether it is berries, vegetables or flowers, I promise your time will not be wasted!






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