Cauldron Cakes


If you follow this blog, you may remember my receiving this book in November:

the unofficial hp  cookbook

You may also remember seeing it in my Halloween post:

halloween display

So far, my favorite recipe has been for cauldron cakes. Although they are similar to pancakes in preparation and cooking procedure, cauldron cakes are much much sweeter. They also call for 8 tablespoons of butter. (This is your first indication as to how delicious they are).

Below is the recipe taken from this book:

cauldron cakes


If you are inspired to try cooking these for yourself, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • Constantly grease your cooking surface. Cauldron cake batter is much stickier than that of pancakes. If you do not grease your surface in between batches, they will adhere to your cooking surface and be near-impossible to flip.
  • Don’t be flip-eager. Even when they look ready to flip, give them time. The batter is much thicker than pancake batter and if you try to flip them too early they will not cook properly.
  • Try marmalade. If you are not one for the overly-sweet you may not want to put maple syrup on your cakes. Instead, try orange marmalade. The tanginess of this jam-like substance helps cut through the sweetness while still blending well with the taste of the cakes!


All in all, if you wish to have a Harry Potter breakfast, I highly recommend this recipe. I hope you enjoy cauldron cakes as much as I do!



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