Delving into Design


Over the summer, I took my 2nd graphic design course. Unlike the first course which focused solely on Photoshop, this one was only 6 weeks, intensive, and covered three of the Adobe Creative Suite programs. Although the GRA 617 course was stressful (It’s not easy learning all of that in 6 weeks!) it also provided us with a unique education in an area that most of us had little to no experience in.

Since the summer, I have found myself delving even deeper into the world of design. One of my jobs at present involves teaching graphic design to undergraduate students through an instructional associate position.

Additionally, I have found myself designing quite a bit in my current internship at Syracuse University’s Career Services. Wanting more experience in graphics, I had communicated to my supervisor that this was an area of interest. Below are a few designs that I have completed over the last few weeks as part of this internship. As you can see, as Tweets, I have also been contributing to the office’s social media presence.

Am I a better artist than I am designer? Why yes, I think so. But will I continue to get better? Absolutely!

So I encourage all of you to try new things on a regular basis, especially those that induce the fear of possible failure. Even with skills sets as daunting as graphic design, you will never know your potential until you try!

(Side note to SU students, LinkedIn Live is happening today!)

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